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The sixty four petals depict the various branches of knowledge. The index finger represents Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s ideology and his aspirations for an educated and progressive society. The Lotus symbolizes the wisdom for all seekers of the knowledge. The book conveys that the University will impart all the knowledge useful to the students, teachers and the society. The rising sun depicts that the University will spread knowledge and wisdom all over the world through its scholars. The hills (Eastern Ghats), the rivers (Nagavali and Vamsadhara) and the green fields depict the rich, natural resources of the region and its heritage. The bridge represents the mutual connectivity between the University and the Community. The sea indicates the vast coastal wealth and heritage of Srikakulam where the University is established. The industrial establishment is a sign of progress and development potential of the region. The graduates represent the product of the University contributing to the knowledg e and the progress of the region, State, Nation and also the world at large.